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Weight Loss in SW Calgary

FirstLine Therapy

Signal Hill Chiropractic & Wellness Group offers FirstLine Therapy which is a specialized therapeutic lifestyle unlike any other to help you achieve optimal health. It targets the underlying causes of chronic illness by incorporating a sensible eating plan, exercise, nutritional supplementation and stress management.

Dr. Andrea can help you take small steps to improve your health with FirstLine Therapy. In order to measure your progress, you first need to know your current health status. A variety of health assessments may be performed, including a measurement of your body composition (the ratio of your body fat to your lean muscle mass).

Once we have determined the status of your health, we can create a plan for you based on the guidelines of the FirstLine Therapy Program. We will partner with you on this journey to reach your full potential.

Committing to this program is your first step toward better health! Contact us today to make an appointment!

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