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New Patient Expectations

You’ll be warmly welcomed into our comfortable, relaxing environment. Our team will do everything they can to make sure you feel at home and ready to start healing. We’re ready to determine the cause of your problem and discover solutions to give you your life back!

The First Visit

After our front desk welcomes you and introduces you to our team, we’ll have you complete some paperwork. These intake forms can also be found on our website so you can save time and bring them in completed. You’ll be given a short tour of the office so that you can be familiarized with the office.

You and Dr. Andrea will sit down for a consultation to get to know each other. We’ll discuss your health history and find out what your hope is in seeking our help. From there, we’ll start an examination to see what’s going on in your body and how it’s functioning. The examination includes an in-depth look at your posture because bad posture is notorious for causing health problems and aging a person faster.

Dr. Andrea will show you the ProAdjuster instrument she uses to adjust our practice members. It doesn’t just adjust but also analyzes where your spine needs help. We’ll adjust you to correct your posture, your spinal Subluxations and any other issues you’re having.

After the adjustment, we’ll go over some post-adjustment at-home instructions and schedule you back for a follow-up visit. Your first appointment takes about 45 minutes.

Dr. Andrea Eschenbrenner sharing exam findings

The Second Visit

When you arrive for your next visit, Dr. Andrea will review your examination findings in detail. We’ll have some more paperwork for you to go over. All your questions will be answered thoroughly, and you’ll receive your second adjustment. This visit takes about 15 minutes.

Routine Visits

On your follow-up visits, you’ll sign in when you arrive and have a seat in our reception area. The front desk will call you when it’s your turn to go back to a room. You’ll sit in the chair Dr. Andrea adjusts you in and she’ll arrive promptly to give you your adjustment. We then can explore other aspects of your health journey. These visits take about 10 minutes.

Choosing to Follow Up

Many of our practice members choose to continue chiropractic care after their problems have stabilized. We’ll see you more frequently in the beginning because we’re trying to make a shift in your spine, just like if you had braces on your teeth. Once your spinal problems are addressed, you can choose to continue to get adjusted so that you don’t end up in pain again. Just like you’d wear a retainer after your braces came off so that your teeth stay aligned, continuing care will help your spine to stay aligned.

If you choose to have regular care, your care plan will reflect you life. You may see us once per month if your life is more stressful, or less your life is more in balance and stress levels are lower. Life is full of stresses, bumps and bruises that affect your health. Just like continued dental and vision checkups, you spine also need continued checkups. Your spine is the master controller of everything in your body and caring for it properly will mean you can function at 100%.

We welcome the opportunity to find out how we can improve your health. Contact our office today to book your time!

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