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Meet Dr. Kait Chang, Naturopath

Dr. Kait Chang

Dr. Kait Chang

My curiosity for health and wellness began at a young age when my father unexpectedly fell ill. Through years of exploration, education, and a couple personal struggles with health concerns, I finally realized that one’s health and well-being is a reflection of his/her/their personal story, which is comprised of childhood/adolescent environment, significant life events, thought patterns and beliefs, familial roles, occupation, and lifestyle/dietary choices. I had been empowered by my own healing experiences, and I am now witnessing how my patients’ choices empower them. The reward of helping others realize their potential is one that I am most grateful for in being a naturopathic doctor.

Benign or significant, all illnesses are rooted in our genetic makeup, but even more important, is the expression of our genes, scientifically termed epigenetics, which simply put, is the impact of our behaviours, thought patterns, and environmental exposures on the way that our genes manifest, whether it be a decline in immunity as in contracting influenza or disrupted apoptosis as in cancer development.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. I would like to invite you to make a conscious effort to consider becoming mentally and physically empowered, thereby facilitating your genes to express in favour of good health.

Living a Healthy Life

I strive to practice what I preach, although there is always room for improvement. I love spending my down time in the produce isles, meat/fish department and in the kitchen preparing nourishing, healthy meals. I enjoy going out for a jog or swimming, but sometimes I simply stay in and meditate or read. I travel abroad to see family and friends. I aspire to build communities that empower girls and women of all ages, and of similar groups to support men and families.

Dr. Kait Chang is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and prior to pursuing medicine, she obtained her HBSc. at the University of Toronto where she studied psychology and nutritional sciences.