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Chiropractic for Natural Healing

What Is Chiropractic?

Many of our practice members had never been to a chiropractor before seeking our help. If you’ve never been under chiropractic care before, you might be unsure as to what exactly we do.

We get knocked around quite a bit in our lives. Physical, chemical and emotional stress all affect our health, and the body tries to compensate for these stresses. Sometimes when our joints don’t move properly our bodies become restricted as they adapt to the continued stresses resulting in pain. These stresses cause interference with our nervous system, which is the master control system of the body that allows us to function optimally.

Dr. Andrea adjusting child

Children love hearing about Dr. Andrea’s “magic clicker” that helps them feel better!

Chiropractors make sure your spine is moving properly, because movement is life. We’ll check all the joints of your body to make sure they work as they should. When you can move, you can live! When your body has its full movement, your nervous system is able to function at its highest abilities, allowing your body to heal itself when the stresses of life take their toll.

Gentle Techniques for Healing

Dr. Andrea exclusively uses instrument-based chiropractic adjustments. With the ProAdjuster instrument that she uses, there is no twisting, cracking or popping. No manual techniques will be used in your care with us, so there is no need to feel nervous. You may have never considered chiropractic before because you didn’t know what it did or that there was an alternating way of getting adjusted.

Our gentle adjustments will leave you feeling better the moment you leave the office. Even if you’re restricted by a condition such as severe osteoporosis, we can still provide you with the gentlest health care available.

Dr. Andrea uses the following instrument-based adjustment techniques:

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Feeling Confident in Getting Started

We know that you may be wondering what to expect when you receive your first adjustment. We’ll demonstrate every step for you before beginning, so there are no surprises. Dr. Andrea will walk you through the process, showing you the adjusting instrument so that you know how the gentle tapping sensation feels.

You’ll feel comfortable knowing exactly what we’re doing. Kids especially love hearing about Dr. Andrea’s “magic clicker” that they can touch, hold and feel to understand what we’re doing.

Are you ready to experience gentle, effective chiropractic care? Contact our office today to schedule your appointment!

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