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About Signal Hill Chiropractic & Wellness Group

You belong here!

Since she started practicing in 2001, Dr. Andrea Eschenbrenner has been passionate about not only offering gentle chiropractic care but serving the needs of her community. Born and raised in French speaking Montreal, she practiced in the U.S. for 15 years before returning to Canada. Dr. Andrea moved to Calgary and is happy to share Signal Hill Chiropractic & Wellness Group with our community members who are seeking a welcoming centre for healing.

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We will partner with you on your journey toward health!

I want our practice members to know they belong here, and I always strive to offer something that they are missing in their lives.

Offering Hope and Healing

Did you know that your body has an amazing capacity for healing?

Even when you’re sick or in pain, your body still possesses a natural ability to get better. Chiropractic seeks to give the body the help it needs to be able to heal itself, leaving you pain-free and enjoying a rich, fulfilling life. We want you to understand how to live a lifestyle that puts your health into your own hands. We’re here to educate you on what you can do to live better, feel better and age better as well as acting as your trusted health resource.

A Multi-Generational Practice

Our family-oriented practice is for everyone, from age 1 to 101. Dr. Andrea has a strong focus on anti-aging and the baby boomer generation who are seeking to live a more active life. Even seniors can make major strides in their health through chiropractic. “It may be a 75-80 year-old who hasn’t really exercised before or doesn’t drink enough water, or hasn’t eating healthy in the last few years because they might be alone or couldn’t be bothered. When you start teaching them to retake care of themselves, the change are amazing,” she says.

If you want to live vibrantly, we’re confident that you’ll find what you need with us! We want you to live at your highest capacity, being the best you can be. Our practice members are welcome to stop by and visit to have a chat anytime they want to and even enjoy a cup of coffee. We love having you here and being here for you!

Life at Its Greatest!

Helping you to live a happy, balanced life is a privilege. We love seeing our practice members get better and stay well. We’ll do whatever it takes to get you there, offering help with your entire lifestyle that includes advice on nutrition, exercise and stress management. We want to make an impact in our community, serving our practice members and constantly evolving to better suit your needs.

If you’re ready to revitalize your health naturally, to look and feel younger and more vibrant, contact us today!

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